March 7, 1986

The journey began  by Queensland riders to take a team to the first travelling Quilty; to be held in South Australia. The trip was most successful. The team travelled together and within a few months, testablished from the Dealbata ride of 1986 was the new Marathon event, to be known as THE FAR-A-WAY.

January 1, 1988

Without a track, we did not have a ride. The track consideration was always the first action of the Far-A-Way group. Our tracks were discovered by wide traveling young horse riders and with Elise Nancarrow’s guidance, we discovered interconnection bridle paths and unused forest trails in the high country of the

January 1, 1994

A second Kenilworth Quilty was held in 1994. John’s input and legacy in operation of the Far-A-Way was a decided influence on our endeavours, strategies and future planning. Despite the rain deluge in 1988, the Far-A-Way Marathon was something Queensland endurance riders embraced. Easter became it’s regular date and Kenilworth Showground became it’s home. In the early days, they used to play team games on the Saturday afternoon (between the “Legs” of the days ride)